Heroic Sword & Sorcery Roleplaying Game

“…at the dawn of the Age of Gorgons, the great continent was torn asunder and in place of its once earthy heart was naught but the endless sea. There arose Men, the grand-children of the gods, and Fate would set their hands to many great and terrible things . . .”


Enter a dark world of high adventure!

Seek adventure in mighty Aradorn, frozen Norlund, the Shadowlands, the once-glorious Lorinthian Empire, dread Mulovia, the sundered isles of Prydonia, and more.

Savage Kingdoms is a tabletop RPG from the mind of actor and game designer Mike Yow, creator of the StarQuest and Elfstone live-action systems. Inspired by the works of Robert E. Howard, George R.R. Martin, and J.R.R. Tolkien (among others), SK focuses on storytelling and immersive role-play all in a detailed sword-and-sorcery setting nearly thirty years in the making. Still in its Beta phase, SK has been play-tested in home settings, game shoppes, and recently at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Coming soon in softcover and PDF downloadable formats!

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A single d20

The core SK mechanic runs on the roll of a single twenty-sided die. The GM may use other die types, but only d20s are necessary. Results are compared to a Difficulty Level (DL), with an "exploding 20" system for critical successes and an "imploding 1" for critical failures.

Character Creation

The Savage Kingdoms character creation process allows for full customization, with race and culture being the defining feature.  Players assign Attributes, Talents, Weaknesses, Skills, and Gear, and some may even dabble in the mystical arts of air, earth, fire, water, life, death, or shadow!

Combat & Sorcery

Combat is swift and gritty, and if one isn't too careful, deadly. Attack and damage is handled off a single d20 roll, and Brawling, Melee Weaponry, Ranged Weaponry, and Magical Arts are treated as any other skill. Stamina helps determine how often you can ply certain Battle Talents or Spells, both ritual and non-ritual.

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